Q.1     What is the meaning of Foundation Course ?

Ans.    In today’s cut throat competition , it is essential to start building strong concepts and  grooming  your child at an early stage to improve analytical abilities & build strong foundation. This automatically ensures a secure & an assured success in all upcoming classes as well as in future competitions like IIT ,  BITS … at 10 +2 stage .


Q.2      Which classes are eligible for the foundation course ?

Ans.     Students of classes VIth to Xth are eligible for this foundation course .

Q.3      Which subjects are covered in this course ?

Ans.     Subjects covered are Mathematics , Physics , Chemistry , Biology , Social Science , English , Mental Ability and General Knowledge .

Q.4      My child is in class VIII th . Is my child eligible to appear in NTSE exam ?

Ans.    No, only students of class Xth are eligible to appear in NTSE exam. Students of other classes are eligible to participate in other national & international competitions like different Olympiads . 

Q.5      What is NTSE exam ?

Ans.     National Talent Search Scheme started by Govt. of India in the year 1963. The purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students of Class X & nurture them by giving Scholarships . For more details on NTSE competition , click

Q.6      Will School studies get affected due to this foundation course ?

Ans.     Answer to this is STRONG NO . School syllabus is the main focus area during this preparation. Once this is achieved successfully , same topics are covered from a higher level , which makes School level still stronger besides increasing the working capacity of the child and creating a lead               over other students .

Q.7     Will my child get stressed due to extra work load ?

Ans.   No , every child has too much of potential and energy . It is only waiting to be explored and given a direction . Energy spent on other nonproductive activities is only put to use in the right direction . Even otherwise , success does not come to those who take things lightly. Work pressure along with motivation is the key to success , which is done at this institute .

Q.8      I am not sure whether my child can take the extra work load ?

Ans.    Answer of this is identical to that given in Q. 6 . Evaluations along with in depth analysis is  done regularly. Based on these analytics , suitable work plan is decided for each student and extra classes are planned accordingly. At Ashutosh Classes , every child is taken care of , whether it is a good performer or an average performer .

Q.9      Is Syllabus of 10+1 and 10 + 2 covered in this course ?

Ans.    Yes . Relevant topics of Physics , Chemistry , Biology and Mathematics of 10+1 and 10 + 2 are covered in classes of 9th and 10th . Extra classes are held for those students  performing satisfactory in their respective class .

Q.10    What differentiates this institute from others ?

Ans.     Some of the strengths of this institute are :

  • Small groups

  • High Success Rate

  • Strong foundation created

  • All subjects under one roof

  • Hidden Potential explored and brought out  

  • Technology enabled education systems  and many more features  ……

Q.11    Can fees be paid in installments ?

Ans.     Yes. There are three installments , which are equally spaced .

Q.12    My Child is intelligent but very careless and does not sit to study . What to do ?

Ans.    This is not a problem but an indication to the parents that student is having potential and energy which needs to be put to use in a positive direction . Foundation Course in an answer to this problem since additional work and higher targets will keep child busy in a useful way .