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About Ashutosh Classes

At Ashutosh Classes, Simple HR philosophy: "Team first !!!" is followed . It is a place where students , parents and educators work collectively as a team under the dynamic leadership and able guidance of Ashutosh Sharma , B . Tech. ( Chemical ) , M . B .  A . , P . D . I . S .  A group / team manager is chosen out of the students to coordinate all the activities thereby  improving management , planning and leadership skills of students .  This creates a feeling of ownership and belongingness amongst everyone  .

Ashutosh Classes is proud to Welcome NCERT Award Winner and Ex - Principal Ms. Ritu Pathak . Her 20 + years of administraive and teaching expertise in English & Social Science will help Students achieve new heights , more than that achieved earlier . It will also help convert many innovative ideas into reality. 

At Ashutosh Classes, We never think about business or profits . Business or profits for us is a consequence of  all the passionate efforts put in by us . We always think of excellence through  innovative ideas related to learning, teaching and evaluation

At Ashutosh Classes, there is a group of passionate & motivated set of individuals who take pride in saying that  "We are Teachers by choice…!!!" and "We enjoy our work….!!!"  . We avoided being part of rat race in the corporate world and opted to offer services in the field of education as it gave us immense satisfaction .

At Ashutosh Classes, It is believed that enjoying the journey ( Work ) from the core of one’s heart is a sure shot path leading to  an excellent destination ( Success )  . This is clearly evident from an extremely high Success Ratio at School , National & International levels which has been consistently maintained over many years . "We believe that happiness in doing any work is the key to success."

At Ashutosh Classes ,  all its activities are guided by well laid down Success Policy . It is an institution

  • Where every child is taken care of regardless of the fact that student is a topper or not .

  • Where every action and thought is student oriented .

  • Where parents, students and the educators work together towards a common aim – excellence of student .

At Ashutosh Classes , Excellence is obtained through efficient systems and procedures . Multiple level Development model is adopted for over all Development of Student ,  guidelines for which are represented in the image shown below.....

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It is believed that hard work , determination accompanied with proper guidance in the right direction at the right time by proven experts , efficient systems & procedures , besides destiny , can make a winner .



At Ashutosh Classes , teaching is considered as a dedicated service towards divinity. All our efforts are aimed at adding value to every student and 

  • Developing an analytical mind 
  • Improving time management skills 
  • Broadening the knowledge base to create a strong foundation 
  • Discovering the hidden potential of a winner 
  • Creating  a strong desire for academic excellence within the student..........

Every student and parent associated with Ashutosh Classes is confident about a secure and assured success at School as well as at National / International level today and also in future .